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How is your credit history? Seriously, the beginning of the year is a rough season – first because you spend horrors at the holiday parties with gifts, food and clothes and travel, and of course the bills are already bursting at that time – secondly because a lot of extra expenses go up right now. Those who were already tight, will tighten even more.

What to do? I use the credit limit, I pay on the overdraft, I make a pre-approved loan, I finance the IPVA in 3 times, I divide the IPTU in 10 installments, I give the children’s pre-dated check, It’s alright!

The most interesting thing in this paragraph above was the lack of concern about pay, installment, finance and lend money , too, when the citizen, client or consumer has a clean name and a good credit history , a lot in life is facilitated. Of course not everything in our life is easy, but with absolute certainty, with much available credit that seems to be difficult is relieved, especially when it comes to borrowing money or buying financed.

When we have a clean name and credit in the square , that is, a good credit history, we have the opportunity to choose, to decide and to reject, you only have what you have at disposal. If you need money, choose the lender, if you need a car, choose the financial, if you need a house, choose the builder and the financier, if you need to travel choose a travel card that interests you and that’s it!


Good credit history

Good credit history

With good credit history, you have the best interest rates, the best credit cards, the best services and banking products and the bank manager even connects to you one time or another, it is likely that if you need to get a loan without bureaucracy and get a lower rate on your bank’s competitor, your manager may even improve the proposal, this has already happened to me. The world smiles at you and credit favors certain things.

However, how many have already had this regalia and now pity in the bitterness of the debts for not being able to use the available credit and steeled to spend all it could and could not. How many have already had huge credit limits and have swapped for even bigger debts for total financial indiscipline. The beautiful dream of good credit history has turned into the nightmare of bad credit history and dirty name in SPC, SERASA and CCF and protested, etc titles.

If the person has the name with restriction or dirty name as it is usually called, it means that citizen has failed to honor some commitments and therefore will have to pay some penalties.

The dirty name indicates that certainly the citizen stopped making payments that are late, probably a lot of payments were made incomplete (credit card), the name was already sent to the protection agencies for incapacity for payment, titles were protested in notaries and agreements not fulfilled, all this generates a bad credit history for bad and in 100% of cases, the name is restricted, and this will prevent access to credit and generate a bad track record.

Whether you want to be able to get personal credit, finances and a loan without paperwork, have your name clean and keep a good credit history and unrestricted, pay your bills on time, even your credit card bill.