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Loan ” payroll deductible for the elderly ” and ” payroll loan for the handicapped ” will have access to payroll deductible credit. The proposal is to lend money to the elderly who receive the Continuous Benefit Benefit (BPC) that can not currently request the payroll. In addition to this benefit, many other types are prevented from borrowing with the installments discounted on the payroll.

The Payroll Payroll Loan is a personal credit modality granted to certain classes of citizens, retirees and pensioners who receive by the National Social Security Institute (INSS), federal, state and municipal public employees and also private with banks and financial institutions.


Consigned to the Elderly


There are three forms of assignment by the INSS: 1st – right assignment in the social security benefit. 2nd – retention of the installment by the financial institution paying the INSS. 3rd – by means of the consigned credit card.

The bill for the release of the “payroll loan for elderly people with PCB benefits” has already been approved by the Senate, now it only has to be voted on, and it already has a favorable vote by the rapporteur in the Social Security and Family Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. “The PL still needs to go through the Commission on Constitution and Justice and Citizenship of the House.” 

Who is proposing the bill is Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS) through PL 2.069 / 2011, former PLS 27/2006. The proposal is to amend Law 10.820 / 2003 with the purpose of benefiting the BPC holders for the granting of payroll loans with payroll deductions in the INSS.


What are the proposals of the consignado


What are the proposals of the consignado


1 – Authorize financial institutions that pay the benefits of BCP holders to deduct monthly installments of loans, financing and leasing operations;

2 – Alteration of the maximum period of validity of the contract of consignment loan for the BPC holders;

3 – Match the discount of the installments with the benefit review date (every 2 years).

Check out the benefits that the consigned loan can not do:

Benefit payments for legal representation of Beneficiary or Insured (dependent, guarded or curated) – benefits received through the intermediary of the Beneficiary or Insured of cooperatives for credit that do not have contracts for payment and collection of benefits.


What is BCP Benefit?


“The BPC is a type of benefit of the Social Assistance Policy, which integrates the Basic Social Protection within the scope of the Single System of Social Assistance – SUAS. It ensures the monthly transfer of a minimum wage to the elderly, aged 65 and over, and the disabled person of any age. “

According to Senator Paulo Paim, “it is fair to offer payroll loans to the elderly and disabled people (BPC holders) giving them the same opportunity to borrow money at a more affordable rate.”