Jenny Express Credit – Instant Loan Online

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With the Jenny Direct Money offer you can borrow money at short notice! For the express payment at Jenny, the applicant only needs a camera (webcam) and a printer. Jenny offers all banking services, including express loans, which the bank refers to as “direct money”. Characteristic of this express credit is the particularly clear app, on which everything is handled quickly and easily. Jenny currently does not charge this surcharge if the borrower uses video identification instead of the post -ident method.

Explicit credit

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The good news is, the sooner the choices are made, the sooner you can fulfill your wishes. Express credit already from 1,500 USD. Favorable interest rates depending on the creditworthiness of the express loan. The Eilanleihe makes it possible. No matter whether it is the limited top offer for your dream car or the will to do open damage in one go.

Before applying for an urgent loan, there are a few things to keep in mind: you get a detailed overview of what you spend and spend each day. Allow a security buffer for monthly expenses: for unforeseen expenses. Choose a monthly rate that puts the least amount of money on your wallet. In this way, you can act quickly and easily at unexpected costs within a month.

At least 11 installments must be paid in accordance with the contract before the first installment break. The request for suspension must be submitted no later than five bank business days prior to the contractual payment term of the monthly installment.

In the payment break

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The terms extend and there are contractual default interest. The Jenny – the direct credit – the uncomplicated and uncomplicated money transfer. Here is a quick and easy borrowing is necessary because no one wants to clean his clothes by hand or in the tub. The search for a suitable loan is made more difficult for many, because the new machine will not cost money and thus the amount of the loan need not be too high.

The remedy here is a so-called micro-loan, a loan with a short maturity and a relatively small loan amount. The Jenny is such a loan. Jenny does not always have enough resources to make an important or urgent purchase and suggests direct capital to overcome such a funding bottleneck.

What is the direct capital of Jenny in detail?

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Borrowers can take two to six months to reimburse Jenny’s direct capital. Currently, the effective interest rate for direct capital is only 8.95%, and those who want to repay the loan in small installments can do so from as little as USD 50 per month. Who is Jenny direct money suitable for? Not everyone gets a bank loan that easily. Especially those who do not take so much, have less chance with a loan, because they lack the necessary credit, with which the bank wants to ensure that the loan can also be paid.

With the direct amount of money of the Jenny that is different, because who monthly generates 601 USD, this small amount can have. Jenny is a good option for all low-paid and pensioners, because the interest rates are cheap on request and the conditions are short, the financial burdens of the loan are not too high.

Jenny provides a practice-oriented loan calculator on its website, with which anyone interested in direct capital can calculate their personal loan request quickly and easily. All you have to do is enter the desired loan amount and the planned duration into the calculator and after a few moments the loan terms will be calculated.

As a rule, anyone who applies for a loan must go through the so-called post -ident procedure. The borrower goes to the nearest post office with the accompanying documents and his ID card, submits the documents, presents his ID card and identifies himself in this way. The ID card and the documents are then sent to the house bank and the credit transferred from the house bank to the bank account of the borrower.