Wed, 25 Mar 2020 01:03:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 BridgePayday Loans – Do You Need Money Now? Wed, 25 Mar 2020 01:03:17 +0000 Read More]]> We all need a little extra cash and BridgePayday: a loan is an answer. With over 2020 customers that list in Canada, this website offers an online money transfer service that has worked for thousands of people who are seeking financial freedom.

Take advantage of the loan services offered by BridgePayday

Because we live in a time when emergencies occur in life, it is best to take care of these emergencies and then put together a plan to plan out your monthly budget. When you have a plan in place it makes your life so much easier.

You will know that site for loans is the right for you. If you have difficulty meeting the minimum balance, you must request a waiver so you may have an opportunity to get that extra money that you may need.

The first step is to fill out a profile

This is a safety feature as some individuals do not understand how to do it online. It may be the most important process in this entire process. It is much easier to wait until you have enough information before deciding to proceed. You can search the internet and you may find a website that will take care of the whole process for you.

As we all know, taking numerous steps just to get a piece of paper is one thing, getting money from your account without papers is another. So be sure that you submit the forms with all the right information in order to get cash. This is a very serious matter and it needs proper attention.

When you have completed the form, you will receive instant approval and you will see your money instantly deposited into your account. Since the process is so easy, you may simply open your own account online and move money from your checking account into your online account.

Deposit options to choose from

There are many different options to choose from such as instant deposits, immediate deposit, and automatic deposit. So don’t wait any longer and fill out the form today.

As you fill out the form, you will find that the company is extremely safe because it has the same name as your checking account. You will have the option to pay with your debit card or your credit card.

Your money will be safely deposited and you will get your money instantly when you use the online money transfer service. You can select how much you want to be deposited and at what times you want to transfer the money.

This online account has made a wonderful difference for individuals who feel overwhelmed by credit card offers from various companies. Many are overwhelmed by the hassle of trying to find the right one.

How A Small Loan Works Without Security Thu, 19 Dec 2019 07:44:26 +0000 Read More]]> An unsecured loan is loans ranging from $ 500 to 50,000, the loan application is often processed very quickly and the money is in the applicant’s account within a relatively short time. With small loan amounts, there are fewer requirements and you are not expected to make a collateral.

What this means in practice is that the finance company does not have a specific asset that they forcefully collect if the borrower stops paying the loan costs. For larger loans, it is usual to provide collateral in property, car or other expensive assets; but for small loans with no collateral, most providers are satisfied with a credit check. It does not mean that your assets are safe if you try to get rid of your debt, they just have not earmarked a specific item. But at least you are free to sell whatever assets you want, which is not as easy if it has a sales pledge. If you are in financial difficulties, it is best to contact the loan provider and explain the situation. After all, it is in their interest to get the money back, so it may well be possible to get a deferred payment if you are early and show that you are willing to pay. They can also advise you on refinancing and other options.


Small loans without collateral are usually an expensive affair

Small loans without collateral are usually an expensive affair

Mortgages without collateral are almost always expensive loans with high interest rates, and in order for them to pay off, it is necessary to pay them down as soon as possible. This can either be after a few days when the paycheck finally comes in, or preferably within a month. However, some large small loans have repayment plans that run for several years.


With small loans without collateral

small loans

It is possible to get the loan granted on the day. The age limit is usually only 20 years, and the minimum requirement for annual income is $ 150,000. Otherwise, you will not have any payment notes. It is not possible to establish a customer relationship without a credit check in Norway, but as an established customer you may need to obtain an SMS loan without your financial situation being re-evaluated. In Norway, there are few companies that offer SMS loans. Some of the most well-known include Molkia and Click loans. If you live in Sweden then the selection is a lot bigger. As a rule, you will not get a loan without a security if you have payment notes.


Jenny Express Credit – Instant Loan Online Wed, 11 Dec 2019 07:06:49 +0000 Read More]]>

With the Jenny Direct Money offer you can borrow money at short notice! For the express payment at Jenny, the applicant only needs a camera (webcam) and a printer. Jenny offers all banking services, including express loans, which the bank refers to as “direct money”. Characteristic of this express credit is the particularly clear app, on which everything is handled quickly and easily. Jenny currently does not charge this surcharge if the borrower uses video identification instead of the post -ident method.

Explicit credit

,money cash

The good news is, the sooner the choices are made, the sooner you can fulfill your wishes. Express credit already from 1,500 USD. Favorable interest rates depending on the creditworthiness of the express loan. The Eilanleihe makes it possible. No matter whether it is the limited top offer for your dream car or the will to do open damage in one go.

Before applying for an urgent loan, there are a few things to keep in mind: you get a detailed overview of what you spend and spend each day. Allow a security buffer for monthly expenses: for unforeseen expenses. Choose a monthly rate that puts the least amount of money on your wallet. In this way, you can act quickly and easily at unexpected costs within a month.

At least 11 installments must be paid in accordance with the contract before the first installment break. The request for suspension must be submitted no later than five bank business days prior to the contractual payment term of the monthly installment.

In the payment break

,money cash

The terms extend and there are contractual default interest. The Jenny – the direct credit – the uncomplicated and uncomplicated money transfer. Here is a quick and easy borrowing is necessary because no one wants to clean his clothes by hand or in the tub. The search for a suitable loan is made more difficult for many, because the new machine will not cost money and thus the amount of the loan need not be too high.

The remedy here is a so-called micro-loan, a loan with a short maturity and a relatively small loan amount. The Jenny is such a loan. Jenny does not always have enough resources to make an important or urgent purchase and suggests direct capital to overcome such a funding bottleneck.

What is the direct capital of Jenny in detail?

,money cash

Borrowers can take two to six months to reimburse Jenny’s direct capital. Currently, the effective interest rate for direct capital is only 8.95%, and those who want to repay the loan in small installments can do so from as little as USD 50 per month. Who is Jenny direct money suitable for? Not everyone gets a bank loan that easily. Especially those who do not take so much, have less chance with a loan, because they lack the necessary credit, with which the bank wants to ensure that the loan can also be paid.

With the direct amount of money of the Jenny that is different, because who monthly generates 601 USD, this small amount can have. Jenny is a good option for all low-paid and pensioners, because the interest rates are cheap on request and the conditions are short, the financial burdens of the loan are not too high.

Jenny provides a practice-oriented loan calculator on its website, with which anyone interested in direct capital can calculate their personal loan request quickly and easily. All you have to do is enter the desired loan amount and the planned duration into the calculator and after a few moments the loan terms will be calculated.

As a rule, anyone who applies for a loan must go through the so-called post -ident procedure. The borrower goes to the nearest post office with the accompanying documents and his ID card, submits the documents, presents his ID card and identifies himself in this way. The ID card and the documents are then sent to the house bank and the credit transferred from the house bank to the bank account of the borrower.

Factoring Companies: Why You’ll Still Need a Factoring Tue, 11 Jun 2019 05:19:28 +0000 Read More]]>  



Why will you still need factoring companies for the financial needs of your company or your startup business? We know that doing business today has become a relatively challenging task. However, this has given rise to several credit opportunities and researching for these alternative lending options and financing are also part of the agenda of every entrepreneur or entrepreneur.


Understand factoring

Understand factoring

Companies that need fast cash, can manage to have credit limit with higher values ​​in a simple and uncomplicated way nowadays. The technology employed in fintechs, lending companies and credit platforms has brought incredible change in the processing of detailed real-time information that enables the approval of loans even when banks and financiers say no.

These companies and credit applications have helped many companies stay in the race for progress in the best possible way. To solve your needs to improve or expand your business, you must use current technology to achieve what you want, especially money. Wisely borrowed money helps market competition and benefits consumers.


Where to look for factoring companies


Where to look for factoring companies


Are you seeking working capital or business loan financing for being in the midst of a business financial crisis? It would be pertinent to mention here in this article that you need to take the time to research one or more online factoring companies .

There were long ago strange things heard about factoring companies, but it goes without saying that most of the myths in the market about factoring were not true. For example, factoring was considered an expensive financing option for small and medium-sized businesses, however, today we know that this type of credit company makes the difference between the success and failure of many businesses without this type of financing. Even this power has been the cost of several entrepreneurs who may not have thought of factoring as a financial solution.


How a Factoring Company Works


How a Factoring Company Works


By using factoring, companies can sell, trade, and lend against a pending asset, invoice or business duplicate that can not yet be received. The cost of this exchange is not free, it can generate a cost between 2-5% or more of the total invoice or the amount borrowed by the company. Some factoring companies issue the payment of the money instantly after the transaction is confirmed.

With this money, small and medium businesses can make better use of cash flow immediately. Instead of waiting for payment in 30, 60, or 90 days, they will receive in advance about 70, 80, 90% of the amount receivable. However, it is imperative that the receivable is subsequently paid by the issuer.

Factoring companies usually analyze or research credit reports and check how customers’ credit is running to find out what the risk level of the operation is. This practice also helps in managing the most appropriate credit limits. In Factoring Association you get lots of relevant information.


Factors to remember when swapping your receivables


Factors to remember when swapping your receivables


Before you begin to trade your duplicates, credit card and invoices in a factoring, it is considered of great importance that you understand the various aspects about how your business works with regard to traditional lenders (banks and financial).

When it comes to looking for the best factoring company, you can rest assured that there are many reliable companies that make the receivables prepayment securely. Search here in the Portal, we have many articles on the subject.


LENDING FOR ELDERLY AND DISABLED PERSONS Wed, 05 Jun 2019 04:56:07 +0000 Read More]]>



Loan ” payroll deductible for the elderly ” and ” payroll loan for the handicapped ” will have access to payroll deductible credit. The proposal is to lend money to the elderly who receive the Continuous Benefit Benefit (BPC) that can not currently request the payroll. In addition to this benefit, many other types are prevented from borrowing with the installments discounted on the payroll.

The Payroll Payroll Loan is a personal credit modality granted to certain classes of citizens, retirees and pensioners who receive by the National Social Security Institute (INSS), federal, state and municipal public employees and also private with banks and financial institutions.


Consigned to the Elderly


There are three forms of assignment by the INSS: 1st – right assignment in the social security benefit. 2nd – retention of the installment by the financial institution paying the INSS. 3rd – by means of the consigned credit card.

The bill for the release of the “payroll loan for elderly people with PCB benefits” has already been approved by the Senate, now it only has to be voted on, and it already has a favorable vote by the rapporteur in the Social Security and Family Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. “The PL still needs to go through the Commission on Constitution and Justice and Citizenship of the House.” 

Who is proposing the bill is Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS) through PL 2.069 / 2011, former PLS 27/2006. The proposal is to amend Law 10.820 / 2003 with the purpose of benefiting the BPC holders for the granting of payroll loans with payroll deductions in the INSS.


What are the proposals of the consignado


What are the proposals of the consignado


1 – Authorize financial institutions that pay the benefits of BCP holders to deduct monthly installments of loans, financing and leasing operations;

2 – Alteration of the maximum period of validity of the contract of consignment loan for the BPC holders;

3 – Match the discount of the installments with the benefit review date (every 2 years).

Check out the benefits that the consigned loan can not do:

Benefit payments for legal representation of Beneficiary or Insured (dependent, guarded or curated) – benefits received through the intermediary of the Beneficiary or Insured of cooperatives for credit that do not have contracts for payment and collection of benefits.


What is BCP Benefit?


“The BPC is a type of benefit of the Social Assistance Policy, which integrates the Basic Social Protection within the scope of the Single System of Social Assistance – SUAS. It ensures the monthly transfer of a minimum wage to the elderly, aged 65 and over, and the disabled person of any age. “

According to Senator Paulo Paim, “it is fair to offer payroll loans to the elderly and disabled people (BPC holders) giving them the same opportunity to borrow money at a more affordable rate.”




How is your credit history? Seriously, the beginning of the year is a rough season – first because you spend horrors at the holiday parties with gifts, food and clothes and travel, and of course the bills are already bursting at that time – secondly because a lot of extra expenses go up right now. Those who were already tight, will tighten even more.

What to do? I use the credit limit, I pay on the overdraft, I make a pre-approved loan, I finance the IPVA in 3 times, I divide the IPTU in 10 installments, I give the children’s pre-dated check, It’s alright!

The most interesting thing in this paragraph above was the lack of concern about pay, installment, finance and lend money , too, when the citizen, client or consumer has a clean name and a good credit history , a lot in life is facilitated. Of course not everything in our life is easy, but with absolute certainty, with much available credit that seems to be difficult is relieved, especially when it comes to borrowing money or buying financed.

When we have a clean name and credit in the square , that is, a good credit history, we have the opportunity to choose, to decide and to reject, you only have what you have at disposal. If you need money, choose the lender, if you need a car, choose the financial, if you need a house, choose the builder and the financier, if you need to travel choose a travel card that interests you and that’s it!


Good credit history

Good credit history

With good credit history, you have the best interest rates, the best credit cards, the best services and banking products and the bank manager even connects to you one time or another, it is likely that if you need to get a loan without bureaucracy and get a lower rate on your bank’s competitor, your manager may even improve the proposal, this has already happened to me. The world smiles at you and credit favors certain things.

However, how many have already had this regalia and now pity in the bitterness of the debts for not being able to use the available credit and steeled to spend all it could and could not. How many have already had huge credit limits and have swapped for even bigger debts for total financial indiscipline. The beautiful dream of good credit history has turned into the nightmare of bad credit history and dirty name in SPC, SERASA and CCF and protested, etc titles.

If the person has the name with restriction or dirty name as it is usually called, it means that citizen has failed to honor some commitments and therefore will have to pay some penalties.

The dirty name indicates that certainly the citizen stopped making payments that are late, probably a lot of payments were made incomplete (credit card), the name was already sent to the protection agencies for incapacity for payment, titles were protested in notaries and agreements not fulfilled, all this generates a bad credit history for bad and in 100% of cases, the name is restricted, and this will prevent access to credit and generate a bad track record.

Whether you want to be able to get personal credit, finances and a loan without paperwork, have your name clean and keep a good credit history and unrestricted, pay your bills on time, even your credit card bill.

Better Alternatives for 401 (K) Loans Sat, 30 Mar 2019 18:03:06 +0000 Read More]]>


With more than 80% of full-time employees who have access to a 401 (k), they are easily one of the most popular retirement planning options. By allowing you to deposit money for pre-tax retirement, 401 (k) plans often offer free money through an employer competition. It is logical that you want to protect these funds as much as possible. A loan of 401 (k) offers those who need money the ability to borrow against their future. Fidelity Investments reports that 11% of employees took out a 401 (k) loan in 2013 – an average of $ 9,500. For those who need money, a loan of 401 (k) seems a justified option. In most cases this is not the case. In many cases there are other alternatives to consider.


Borrow against your future


Borrow against your future

If you need money, it’s easy to see your 401 (k) as an option to take care of the need. The money is just there, hopefully growing, and it’s yours. Don’t be guilty of this short-term vision. A 401 (k) is an important part of your overall retirement planning strategy. It is not a piggy bank to plunder. According to Elle Kaplan, CEO of Lexion Capital, “many make the mistake of believing that this is a” free loan “while actually borrowing for their future.” Kaplan raises an important consideration that is often overlooked in discussions about 401 (k) loans that you borrow against your future, this can be a mr. and Mrs. Have an antrobus-rich impact on future planning needs if it is done too much or is not reimbursed. (For more information, see: 401 (k) Planning: How much should you save? <)

The aforementioned Fidelity study indicates that 40% of those who borrow from their 401 (k) also reduce their savings rate after a loan. 401 (k) as a lifeboat Consider what it really is – a tool to save for your future. Instead of attacking that future, you start saving money outside of the plan for your short, medium and long term needs. save for retirement and have access to funds in times of need.


Tax implications


Tax implications

There are many tax benefits that contribute to a 4 01 (k). The most important among them is the fact that the contributions come on a pre-tax basis. Taking out a 401 (k) loan opens for a wide range of tax implications such as: (See for more:

Borrow from your pension plan .) You will not receive a tax break on the funds that repay the loan.

  • If you change jobs or are fired, the loan can be considered an income if it is not repaid within 60 days.
  • The second point is important to remember, even in the event of a job loss due to company takeover. According to Robert Farrington, founder of The College Investor, “If you are an employee of a company being acquired, your 401 (k) plan ends and you are asked to participate in the 401 (k) plan of the new However, if you have an outstanding loan with your old employer, it must be repaid at the end of the acquisition deal. “This can lead to a nasty surprise if your business is sold out. (See for more:

401 (k) Loans pros and cons .) Moreover, many do not realize that you have to make payments on your 401 (k) loan – otherwise you will have a tax hit. Kaplan adds: “If you do not make a payment for 90 days, that money is considered a benefit and it is taxed as income, plus a fine of 10% if you are younger than 59 ½ years old.” to point out that there are ways to avoid a 10% fine, for example if you are disabled, although a loan should still be considered as a last resort.

Possible alternatives

Although the IRS allows you to borrow up to $ 50,000 from a 401 (k), this does not mean that you should do that. There are other options to consider when you need access to money for a large payout. According to Steve Lewit, CEO of United Advisors, “First on the list should be home equity; internet-based financing; family; spending reduction; borrowing of life insurance policies at cash value; selling other investments; then, and only then, if none of them work, the 401 (k). “It is important to know that each of these options has their respective risks and benefits, although few of them represent the same risk as a 401 (k) ) loan. The options available may not be desirable, but in most cases they will serve you much better. (For more information, see:

Do you have to borrow from your pension plan? 

A 401 (k) loan may seem like a good option if you need access to money. In almost all cases that is simply not true. If you are in financial need, research other available options and leave your 401 (k) alone to grow.

Negative Loan Strike – Check Fraudulent Sites List Mon, 25 Mar 2019 13:56:54 +0000 Read More]]>




# 1.Payment For Negative People | Loan with Dirty Name

Contact Us |

The blow: ask for deposit in advance. We received the report via email. It is well placed on google when the subject is “online loan for negatives”

#2. BrasconCred


The coup: they say no, they ask for advance deposit as a convenience fee. We have received several reports about this site. Well placed on Google.

# 3. Fast Loans


The blow: ask for deposit in advance. We received the reports via facebook and e-mail.

# 4. Loan for Negative Quality / Finnish Credit


The blow: ask for deposit in advance. We have received several reports about this, which is also well placed on google. An interesting report from a reader on Facebook: “I was told that there would be no cost, but only if I go to RJ or BA because of the tabelionato, that the one of my city according to them is not bound, and in case I can not go to these cities, I would have to deposit a value of 370 for documentation and other things, that they would do everything for me. “

# 5. Ibi Credits


loan swipe attempt online by whatsapp


The blow: ask for deposit in advance. We received the report via email. The clerk, who identifies himself as Matheus Dias, asks for “notary’s expense.” They always get aggressive when you deny the loan. Yet, this scam resembles phishing, in which the fraudster tries to use the name of a trustworthy company to be able to commit the crime.

# 6. Agiota Online


The coup: This one is very famous! They ask for deposit in advance. We received several reports via facebook and e-mail.

# 7. Financial JTS


The coup: Classic coup d’ etat advanced. we received a reader’s report via email

# 8. Loan via credit card


The coup: Get your credit card details via a form. That simple. Ugly website and form of ugly.

# 9. Financial MDF


The coup: Classic coup d’ etat advanced. we received a reader’s report via e-mail: “This company is charging me an IOF advance fee to release the letter of credit. I have already made a guarantor deposit but insist that I have to pay 5% of the IOF. “

# 10. Financial Blue


The coup: Classic coup d’ etat advanced. we received a report from Margarete on youtube: “I requested a loan where everything was ready, and after everything was ready, the boy said that I need to make a payment to recognize my signature in a notary’s office, worth R $ 290.”

# 11. CreditBR



The coup: there is no evidence of specific coup on this site. What happens there is that he has several posts about credit companies – both legal and fraudulent – and he says they are all reliable. By throwing everyone in the same basket, it decreases confidence in the market as a whole.

# 12. RMD Finan

# 12. RMD Finan


The coup: Classic coup d’ etat advanced. we received Juliana’s report here in the comments.

# 13. Bank Cred



The coup: classic blow of the deposit advanced, with the reason to “register contract in notary.” We have received a report from Valdir here in the comments.

# 14. The Shamah



The coup: Classic coup d’ etat advanced. We received the information on our Youtube channel: “Hello, I want to thank you very much for your video, which saved me from falling into a coup, one of El Shamah who practically wanted to get me 400,00 in the hard face, I went to search the said Company and discovered that they have no registration with the BC “

# 15. Hot BV Loans

# 15. Hot BV Loans


The coup: Early deposit + Phishing strike (use famous and true brand symbols to pass trust). We received the information through our Facebook page: “Same old story .. they needed a guarantor to increase score because it was very low. […] Then they said that since the score was very low, they needed one more. […] When night came, I began to find it strange and went to search. Then I saw that he had screwed me. The next day they came with a chat about how they had been made 2 separate deposits had given problem. Q I would have to make the whole amount and they would give me back. Then I said “of course, but first give me back what I paid and I do the full amount”. And they came saying that they could not touch the money, but if they sent me the full amount of the loan, they would return the amount I paid. Then I said that I did not want any more, that I wanted to cancel. Gave a half an hour called a guy qq saying he had managed to decrease the value q I would need to send. But then I knew it was a blow and I hung up on him, I blocked all the numbers and that’s it! I know I was an idiot and I will never see the color of money again. People who need it sometimes do it without thinking. But at least now I know that I will never fall into one of these. “

# 16. Platinum Autonomous Investment Agent

# 16. Platinum Autonomous Investment Agent

Website: broken site, but the emails and telephone (11) 4172 4567

The Coup: Classic Coup de Coup in advance, in the amount of $ 390. We received information on our facebook page.

# 17. GGB Finance

# 17. GGB Finance

Contact:, Whatsapp: (11) 95885_8186, Tel: (11) 4119-7203, Assumed attendant name: Felipe Paiva

The coup: classic blow of deposit advanced, asking $ 497 to pay guarantor. We received the information from Karen on our Youtube channel: “In the end they will ask you to deposit $ 497.00 to pay the guarantor and you will never see the color of the money.”

# 18. Mastcred

# 18. Mastcred


The coup: Early deposit + Phishing strike (use famous and true brand symbols to pass trust). We received the information on our Youtube channel: “Me and my fiancé were trying to get an online loan, the boy ordered to deposit the amount of 600 reais, we could only deposit 300 and we deposited, then he said that when we deposited the loan would fall in our account and pay the rest, then said that I had to deposit another 600 IOF proceeds. “

# 19. FB Financial Solutions



The blow: classic blow from the advance deposit, under the pretext of “raising the score”. We received a report from Paulo, here in the comments of the post.

# 20. CredOnline Financial Advisory

# 20. CredOnline Financial Advisory


The coup: Classic coup d’ etat advanced. We received a report from Andrea: “She has a record in Federal revenue and is listed as a reputable company, but applies the same blow as the others.”

# 21. National Bank (General Credit Counseling Ltd.)


The coup: classic blow of the deposit advanced, as reported by the reader Jose Raimundi: “Srs. I applied to the National Bank, which in reality is called National General Credit Account Ltda-Me CPPJ 05.445646-0001-04, in personal loans. They were very kind to send me the contract, asking for personal documents and a further R $ 500.00, the value was R $ 10,000.00 to be paid in 18 months. All right. Ai called the lady who made the release saying that the fee was wrong that it was not $ 500.00, but $ 1,000.00, because I was desperate because I had a hospital debt for my wife’s illness, I deposited the difference, later of much discussion even with the lawyer of the company, who swore standing together giving me included his OAB and all saying that he had no more taxes whatsoever. Two days later he called me and said that he would have to pay another $ 250.00 for the release. If that were not enough, he calls the said lawyer saying that he needed to pay the IOF for release. I’m waiting until now. address of the company Av. Padre Arlindo Vieira, 1403. Be careful not to be deceived “

# 22. Loan Now – Negative Loan

# 22. Loan Now - Negative Loan


The coup: Classic coup d’ etat advanced, as reported by a reader on our Facebook page: “He said he would do analysis, and that if it was approved, I would have to deposit a fee of 350.00 for being the first time “

# 23. Financial Solucredi



The coup: a classic blow from the deposit, as reported by a reader on our Facebook page: “Hello I came to inform that falls on the coup hj I asked for 5 thousand loans I was asked to deposit 388 for registration fees and then they asked me for 415 that was to increase my score and nothing to enter the 5 thousand then I returned to say that the number of my deposit was giving invalid and asked me for more 370 falls on the coup the name of the company and solucred “

# 24. MF Cred



The coup: classic blow of deposit advanced, as reported by a reader on our Facebook page: “an online lending company contacted me these days proposing me loan […] … and their CNPJ is all okay, their website respect all the parameters of a trustworthy company … they sent me a contract to be signed and they still made an evaluation […] they told me that they need a guarantor and I have to arrange a guarantor … or else I would pay a fee for them to hire a … “

# 25. Central Credit

# 25. Central Credit


The coup: Classic blow of deposit advanced, as reported by a reader on our YouTube channel: “Today I just dropped in one of CentralCreditos asked for 5% of the loan amount and I deposited […]. I lost 750.00 I did this before I saw your videos “

# 26. PontoInvest



Simulate a Low Interest Loan!

Compare rates for more than 20 banks for your loan. Escape high interest rates and get the loan with the best rate for you!


The coup: classic blow of deposit in advance, as reported by reader on our Youtube channel. They asked for a “guarantor fee” and a fee to “raise the score”.

# 27. Colonial Loan

# 27. Colonial Loan


The coup: “they asked for 390 reais to pay for the notary’s office … then they requested 2 installments of the loan as an advance …” We received Janaina’s report here in the comments.

# 28. Financial FRJ



The coup: “I was closing a loan with financial advisor, they asked for my data, they said that the limit had been approved, then they gave me 3 options for credit release: to advance two installments (to be refunded in the seventh installment), to compulsory insurance or to appoint a witness. After seeing this story, I was sure it was a blow and I did not go on. “We received a report from Rayanne here in the comments.

# 29. Porto Assessoria Online



The coup: “he asked me to deposit 10% of the value and after I deposited I asked to deposit another 1200, which I suspected and said he would deposit and wanted my money back, so they will not take me anymore.” We received Josiel’s account here in the comments.

# 30. Moneycredit Investments

# 30. Moneycredit Investments


The coup: One of our readers reported the coup with details through our Facebook page: “An attendant called me with the name of Moneycreditiinvestments , I asked for a value of R $ 3000.00, the clerk asked me for an insurance amount and gave me 3 options, 1 month 2 or 3 months, I chose the 1 month which was the cheapest $ 196.97. The clerk assured me that I would not have any fees, I deposited the amount and none of the money went down, the same clerk handed me a counterfeit TED (with authentication and all) of the 3000 deposit. Then another clerk claiming to be from the release sector, between 10 transfer 2 do not pass and I of course I was chosen not to release alleging that the Federal Revenue blocked my payment and I would have to pay R $ 550.00 of IOF to release the credit. That is, I will not pay this amount, It uses the name FINEMPRESTIMOS CNPJ: 96.234.646 / 0001 -02 also FARSANTES IN THE MARKET OF SÃO PAULO! “

# 31.Hosticredi Brazil



The coup: classic blow of deposit in advance, as reported by viewer on our Youtube channel: “a financial call hosticredi Brazil is giving blow I did a register I filled out the form and I sent the other day they sent to my email saying that they had released a value of 5,000 to 50,000 then I sent my zap and a woman named Priscila Farias spoke with me informing the form of had to make them to make the deposit of the value that I wanted sent a form for me to fill with the amount that I wanted and how many parcels then I was already suspicious because not even a moment she asked if I missed an employee with a signed or retired wallet so to clear the doubts I asked for 50.000.00 and she naturally said nothing like I would pay this amount all in I said that I wanted to do the loan and the discovery comes she said that I had to make a payment in the amount of 300 reais for expenses of the notary is only there that would be faith I did the loan, so I told my friend how I’m going to make a deposit of this amount if I’m asking for a loan for you, you’re going to steal another one, but not me “

# 32. Black Credits

# 32. Black Credits


The coup: Classic basement strike. Report from one of our youtube subscribers: “(…) I looked for loan options on the internet and here comes Black Credits … I filled out the form both on the website and in PDF, I sent it to the company and I ended up depositing the amount of R $ 311 , 00 that was called “CAPITALIZATION TITLE” … After I did it and photographed the proof to show my good faith to the company, the “attendance” informed me that I had to deposit another R $ 430.00 called ” RELEASE “… They are still contacting me through WhatsApp requesting the” fee “…”

# 33. Infinit – Investment Bank

# 33. Infinit - Investment Bank


The coup: “I made a loan, deposited the money they asked for on May 3, 2018. Then they asked me to make another deposit so that they could release the money. I explained that I did not have any more money. CNPJ: 05.709.940 / 0001-78, address in the contract: Av. Eugenio Luis Carlos Berrini, 105 – Monções City / SP, CEP 04571-900. In short, fall in a blow, keep that name well, lest it happen to more people “

In many cases, the scammers go through institutions.

# 34. Financial Cipher

# 34. Financial Cipher


The coup: Report from one of our readers: ” Good afternoon! I tried to make a loan in Financial Figures, but there a guy, I do not remember the name, he sent me a message on Whatsapp, at (11) 941570510, requiring $ 500.00 in advance. I did not depose him, but he cursed me and threatened me. “

# 35. Golden Loans



The coup: Report received on our Facebook page

” I almost fell into the fraud also of these loans online, two. companies with the same name only that operate with different people and different CNPJ, the sites are the following: and the other is: They have an interesting twist in the conversation, but they are nothing more than scammers, when you give all your information, they inform you that you have successfully approved the value and then speak about such a notary fee. They are a gang. “

# 36. Loan Planet



The coup: ” I tried to make a loan for PLANET LOAN, the waiter who answered me asked me to send my RG and CPF for credit analysis, an hour later I sent him a message saying that I had been approved for 3000, and said that they worked with guarantor, and that the cost of this guarantor was 333.13, I would have to deposit this amount for the loan to be released into my account


# 37. BBVA Bank



The coup: ” BBVA bank asks for an early rate, too, can you tell me if this is reliable ???”

The answer is no . You do not have to pay any fee or advance deposit.

# 38. RCP Credit



The coup: Report from one of our readers on our YouTube channel: “And such a negative self-help credit that needs to advance $ 300 to the company guarantor”

The answer is no . You do not have to pay any fee or advance deposit.

# 39. Officecred

# 39. Officecred


The coup: “Putting office cred I asked to deposit money in advance, when I went to see there in the complaint here had 3 complaint of fraud”

# 40. Aguia Cred

# 40. Aguia Cred


The coup: “This guy contacted me on this site I think I signed up for him at 1.35% interest rate so he said that for this I have to pay the documents to be legalized in a registry”

Never make advance deposit to release loan, it is illegal.

# 41. FFA Loans

# 41. FFA Loans

The coup: Classic rate early. “He did a credit analysis in 15 min and approved a loan with hiring a guarantor of the company asking for entry of 300.00 and I am autonomous. It’s trustable?”

# 42. Financial EPL

# 42. Financial EPL


The blow: “Hello. was looking at financial epl. they ask you to deposit an amount referring to life insurance.390 reais. Can you tell me if you’re right? “

Never make advance deposit to release loan, it is illegal.

# 43. Help Credit / Makehelp Loan



The coup: “This Loan haplep told me that has to have a guarantor or hire one of the company, after seven installments paid has to pay this guarantor”

# 44. Financial Expertise

# 44. Financial Expertise


The coup: Another classic coup duel in advance. ” I was contacted, after applying for a loan of $ 30,000.00, by someone through Whatsapp number (11) 944849517. I was not told the name of who sent me the messages. After many questions my was told I need to pay $ 250.00 fee BEFORE signing contract and get the loan amount. I was also offered the amount of R $ 60,000.00 to be paid in 64 installments of R $ 1200.00.

However, all experts recommend that you do not get a loan for which any early fees are charged due to legal fence.

To conclude, when I asked about the account where to deposit such a fee, I received the photo of a personal card from the CEF SAVING account on behalf of RONIERY JUNIOR J. PAULA. I was very surprised because it is not even the name of one of the members that are included in the QSA of the CNPJ on the website of the Federal Revenue, as below:

The Members and Management Board (QSA) included in the National Registry of Legal Entity (CNPJ) database is as follows:


Rating: 49-Member-Administrator


Rating: 49-Member-Administrator




Customer contacted via WhatsApp in January 2019, telling us that the company asked for an advance of 900.00 reais to deposit the loan. He deposited the money and did not receive the loan.



Customer contacted via WhatsApp, saying about the very report of a loan company applying scams.


For reliable online loans, please contact our Low Interest team

For reliable online loans, please contact our Low Interest team

Our job is to know the financial market well so you do not fall into the trap. We have thoroughly researched the world of lending, and in addition to filtering out frauds, we have compared the reliable options for you.


How To Raise Money To Buy A House? Sat, 23 Mar 2019 13:25:58 +0000 Read More]]>



 Buying the house itself is the dream of the vast majority of Brazilian families. The good news is that realizing this goal is possible, but for that, you need to focus, determination and, especially, invest in planning and controlling expenses. In this post, we will give you incredible tips on how the family can raise money to enter the dream house itself. Check out:

Make a spreadsheet for income and expenses

The first step to raising money and getting your own home is to make a spreadsheet for income and expenses . This is an essential tool to know exactly what the family’s total net income is, and also their expenses. It’s important to be careful not to leave any expenses out – even small expenses, such as snacks, movie tickets and bus tickets, when added up, make a difference in the budget . When creating the spreadsheet, it is essential not only to put the amount that was spent but also the category of the budget in which the expenditure is inserted. So, it is possible to know exactly where the house money is going.

Plan your spending to raise money

Plan your spending to raise money

After analyzing the income and expenses and assessing whether the family budget is balanced, it is time to start planning for expenses. This ensures that you will never spend more than you earn and that you are also directing family money to what really matters. Set early in the month how much you would like to spend in each category and control spending over the weeks to make sure they are on schedule.

Reserve an amount every month


When it comes to creating a spending plan, it is important to set aside a large amount to realize the dream of buying a home of your own. The amount to be saved depends on the time you would like to achieve the goal and the amount available for that purpose, but ideally you can save 15% of net income for that financial priority.

Evaluate what expenses can be cut


If household incomes are not enough and it is difficult to economize, it is important to start cutting costs. Start with the superfluous and non-priority expenses like weekend outings, club tuition and travel. Then examine whether it is possible to reduce consumer bills, such as electricity, gas and telephone, with a change in habits. It is essential that everyone in the family get involved and do their part to cut spending to come true.

Count on the help of financial management software


Betting on financial management software makes spending control and expense planning much simpler. There are already applications that allow the management of finances to be done automatically in less than two minutes. Simply enter the data from internet banking and the system pulls all the movements in the checking account and credit card, making an automatic categorization of expenses. This makes it easier to know where you can save money!


Expanding Your Small Business – 2019 Fri, 08 Mar 2019 18:57:04 +0000 Read More]]>



If you are wondering how you can finance the expansion of your small business, consider taking out a loan for a Small Business Administration (SBA). Although they are not for every business owner, these loans are a viable option for those who cannot obtain other financing to grow their business.

In short: if a qualified company applies for an SBA loan, it actually applies for a commercial loan structured according to SBA requirements with an SBA guarantee. Small business owners and borrowers who have access to other financing on reasonable terms are not eligible for SBA-guaranteed loans. “SBA loans are a good idea if a small business owner is not eligible for a traditional banking business loan and they have specific use for the funds that help the business grow,” said Anthony Pili, vice president and director of strategic planning, Groot Hudson Bank in Bardonia, NY Read more in The Fundamentals of Financing a Company .

An example of good, specific use is if, for example, orders are faster than the delivery and a number of new machines, an additional employee, another location or another truck would help to meet that demand profitably after covering the new debt payment. , says Pili.

Other good practices for an SBA loan include: buying a company from a competitor to achieve economies of scale, refinancing debt with a higher interest rate, or buying the building in which the company operates if the new mortgage charges are equal are to or lower than the lease payments.

A bad example works on a premonition. Many marketing activities fall into this category, says Pili. “Many think that if they take out a loan for a billboard or a newspaper, customers will come.” That’s rarely the case.

SBA options

SBA options

The Small Business Administration offers a variety of financial programs to help small businesses succeed. The programs range from offering assistance in facilitating a loan with a third-party lender to guarantee a bond or to help a small business to find venture capital.

Guaranteed loan programs – also known as SBA loans – are one of these offers. Different types of loans are available, including:

  • 7 (a) Loan program . This is the most common loan program of the SBA and includes financial assistance for companies with special requirements such as franchises, farms and farms and fishing vessels.
  • Microloan program . This offers small, short-term loans to small businesses and certain types of non-profit childcare centers.
  • Loans for real estate and equipment: CDC / 504 . This loan provides financing for important fixed assets, such as equipment or real estate.

The SBA does not provide direct loans to small businesses. It only sets the loan guidelines and then supports the loan or guarantees that the loan will be repaid, says Joseph Lizio, CEO, Capital LookUp LLC and a former commercial lender. That eliminates any risk for lenders.

Obtain approval

Obtain approval

A small business owner can apply for an SBA loan through any bank that offers SBA loans. “A business owner can also apply through a local Certified Development Company (CDC), a non-profit organization that is certified and regulated by the SBA that provides financing to small businesses together with lenders,” says Pili. There are 270 CDCs nationwide, each covering a specific geographical area.

“Many banks work with their local CDC to help borrowers who would otherwise not be eligible for a traditional business loan that the bank offers,” says Pili.

To be approved, an SBA loan application must first be approved and endorsed by a financial institution or a small business lender. “It is then sent to the SBA, which will also endorse and approve it based on its own guidelines,” says Lizio.

If both organizations approve the loan, the financial institution finances and maintains the loan from that moment. “The SBA only guarantees the loan or part of it – usually around 85% – in the event of default by the borrower,” says Lizio.

If you are unsure whether your local lender is an SBA approved lender, visit the SBA site. Although every lender has its own criteria for approving a loan, Lizio says there are a number of common qualification criteria that all lenders use, including:

  • Cash flow for paying the loan payment. If a monthly payment is estimated at $ 1, 000 per month, applicants must demonstrate that the company can earn that amount on top and above the total operating profit.
  • PersooBobbsey Twinsijke credit history. Loan officials do not want to waste their time on an application that they could never approve through their acceptance or credit committees. So, they draw a persooBobbsey Twinsijke credit history on applicants. If those scores don’t meet a minimum threshold, Lizio says, the lender will run away immediately.
  • Collateral. While there may be some exceptions, the SBA generally requires that all SBA loans be covered by collateral with all available assets (inventory, buildings, cash, etc.) – both business and personal Twinsijk. Banks and other commercial lenders also want full collateral. Without collateral that is valued with a minimum of 100% of the loan amount, Lizio says that the application Bobsey Twinsijk will probably be rejected.

SBA-specific benefits

SBA-specific benefits

For small business owners, offering the SBA route has some important benefits.

Duration of the loan. Lizio says that one of the biggest benefits of an SBA loan is the term of the loan. “Most lenders want borrowers to have the shortest term available. But SBA loans extend those conditions,” says Lizio.

For example, a bank can only agree to a 10 year term on real estate, but the SBA can approve a 20 or 25 year term. Or, say, a private lender will only guarantee a loan with equipment for five years – the SBA can approve seven years.

Why is this important? Lizio says that a longer term makes the payment of the loan more affordable and also makes it easier to qualify for a loan. Moreover, it adds flexibility for a borrower. “No company has constant flexible income. It can have a good month or a good period, or a bad month or period. A smaller minimum loan payment is easier to cover during a bad month or period.

“I always tell borrowers to take the longest term to borrow in order to control total costs by paying more if they can afford it,” he adds.

Flexibility on collateral. The required collateral is also more flexible. Lizio says that most business loans require collateral worth 100% or more of the loan amount for approval. But the SBA can approve a loan if the borrower meets all other criteria – and promises all available business and personal security – even if that collateral does not amount to 100% of the loan amount. Those without much collateral can still be approved for an SBA loan, where they may have been refused by a traditional lender.

You are a borderline case. Sometimes the SBA is perhaps the only reason to get the loan. “If the bank or lender is on the fence for some reason, the SBA guarantee may be what pushes you to the right, allowing you to be approved,” says Lizio.

Some drawbacks

Some drawbacks

Higher costs. Costs related to SBA loans can become expensive. “You have to pay two sets of costs: a start-up fee and closing costs for the lender, as well as fees up to 3.5% for some SBA approvals,” says Lizio. You must also go through two acceptance procedures, which may require two different appraisals of ownership or collateral. That can be expensive.

Slower processing. You must also be patient. To begin with, you have to deal with two institutions – the lender and the SBA – and not just the lender. “Applying for these loans takes forever, because many bank officers don’t like doing them and the SBA is always backed up,” says Lizio.

For 7 (a) loans you may want to examine the SBAExpress loan program, whereby deadlines are extended and a 36-hour response time to loan applications is promised. The specifications of these express loans may or may not meet your needs.

The bottom line

Before you apply for a business loan, it is wise to assess the financial health and needs of your company. The SBA suggests that you look at the strength of your industry, how you use and repay the loan, and the strength of your management team.

Develop a business plan that answers these questions. All lenders will want to review a substantial, comprehensive and well-considered business plan before approving a loan to expand or launch a business.

A traditional business loan will generally be faster and have lower costs. But SBA loans can offer important benefits, including being able to borrow a loan at certain stages of your company’s development.